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Security awareness for foolproof organizations

Cyber Cloud helps organizations improve their security awareness in several ways. Whereas pen testing targets software and networks, security awareness focuses on the people in an organization. For example, can they recognize phishing? With our modules you can test it and get advice for improvement!

Security awareness

Our modules for a foolproof team


During this test we employ tactics that cybercriminals also use, capitalizing on curiosity, compassion, fear and greed. We also use elements such as time pressure and automaticity to make the test as real as possible.


We call employees while pretending to be a trustworthy person with the goal of gaining information. Similar to phishing, we exploit ignorance, automaticity and fear to pressure employees.

Mystery guest

Our mystery guest simply walks through the front door of an organization for a physical pen test. We then check the extent to which a company is mindful of intruders who can obtain or influence information.

Awareness training

Cyber Cloud partners with KnowBe4 to train organizations on phishing. We teach employees to recognize and deal with phishing so that the overall organization is less vulnerable to cybercriminals.

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Want to find out where you need to brush up on your organization's security awareness in one fell swoop? You can quickly gain insight into your situation with the help of CyberScanner. This sister company of Cyber Cloud provides automated security intelligence scanners that quickly identify whether your company is vulnerable to phishing for example. You can choose from customized packages, allowing you to scan exactly what is relevant to your situation. Read more about it on the CyberScanner website.


Do you want to improve the security awareness of your organization?

Our quality

This is why you choose Cyber Cloud


Because all our pen testers work from their home office or other private workplace, they can concentrate optimally and experiment freely. After all, cyber security is truly our passion and we want to focus on it undisturbed. This is reflected in our results and confirmed by our certifications for the CCV certificate Pen testing and the ISO/IEC 27001.

  • Ultimate focus because of a distraction-free workflow.
  • Unique portal for real-time insight into your pen test.
  • Professional and certified pen testers.
Our clients