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Supreme security requires premium pen testing

Our unique approach guarantees absolute focus on your systems. We often work from our home offices, but sometimes also at our clients location. Either way, we find as many security risks in your organization as possible, after which you receive a final report with all the points of improvement.

Pen tests

Impenetrable systems: from apps to Wi-Fi

Web applications

We perform an extensive, mainly manual enumeration/reconnaissance in accordance with the OWASP Top-10 Standard and we test the application with tools and scripts developed by Cyber Cloud. We are always looking for vulnerabilities that can be proven (exploited) and actually show what can be done with the vulnerability. This gives our web application penetration tests a high added-value.

External pen test

During an external penetration test, we target an organization's external inputs, such as web servers, firewalls, switches and security cameras. For this type of pen test, we use the guidelines of the Penetration Testing Execution Standard.

Internal network

Our pen testers simulate a hack performed from inside an organization. Is performed to help gauge what an attacker could achieve with initial access to a network (by LAN or Wireless). An internal network pentest can mirror insider threats, such as staff/visitors/guests intentionally or unintentionally performing malicious actions.

Cloud pen test

We assess a cloud system's weaknesses by testing and reviewing all cloud configurations. We have extensive experience with Azure, AWS, GCP but also private-cloud solutions. As they say, in cloud anything goes automatically, except security as there are so many options to configure it securely. 

Mobile apps

We analyze how the Android or iOS app handles the storage of data on the device, whether the app is protected against reverse engineering and if there are problems with the app's business logic. We also check the cryptographic functions of the app and we extensively test the back-end APIs.

APIs and interfaces

This penetration test can be performed from the perspective of both an unauthorized and authorized user. We identify risks using the OWASP API Top-10. We are looking for vulnerabilities in authentication, authorization and try to find anything that can do harm to your API and/or the (customer) data flowing through it.

Source code

We look for errors in encryption, buffer overflows and weaknesses regarding injections and cross-site scripting. By finding these problems in the base of the software, other risks can be found more quickly. We are using the code-specific security best-practices as well the OWASP Secure Coding Guidelines.

Wi-Fi pen test

We search all the Wi-Fi networks an organization uses and conduct a network segmentation study. This way, we discover if the networks are properly shielded and whether the data transmitted through them is adequately secured. Also, we are looking for weaknesses in the used authentication mechanisms.


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Our quality

This is why you choose Cyber Cloud


Because all our pen testers work from their home office or other private workplace, they can concentrate optimally and experiment freely. After all, cyber security is truly our passion and we want to focus on it undisturbed. This is reflected in our results and confirmed by our certifications for the CCV certificate Pen testing and the ISO/IEC 27001.

  • Ultimate focus because of a distraction-free workflow.
  • Unique portal for real-time insight into your pen test.
  • Professional and certified pen testers.
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